An original picture by me.  I partied on top of this thing during Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in 2012. EPIC times.

My Tomos Targa top tank. She goes weely weely fast. For a moped that is =]

I’d like to get a tattoo very very soon.

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FILET O’FISH. An “Hour Drawing,” available to purchase here, and the 200+ set of them so far here. Subject suggestion for this one was “creature from the black lagoon.”

I <3 creature from the black lagoon


makes me want white wheels.

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Arthur Rothstein, Heavy black clouds of dust rising over the Texas Panhandle, 1936

Longboard Johnny’s shred stick of choice.

I love my volvo wagon. She gets me everywhere I need to go….and will ride me all the way to Cali this summer =]

Now thats a HOT wagon

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